Before I became a parent, I had no real knowledge whatsoever of the world inhabited by train enthusiasts. While I suppose I was vaguely aware of model railroad builders in my town and the holiday exhibitions they typically held, my exposure to this rather charming realm was quite limited indeed.

All of this changed, however, once my little boy grew into the toddler stage and took on an all-encompassing obsession with trains, railways and everything remotely related to them. In no time at all, I was doing my own research on the subject so that I could help him acquire even greater knowledge and familiarity with his most favorite pastime.

Soon, my husband and I started looking for train shows, model railroad exhibits and other attractions which might foster our little one’s fascination even further. Fortunately, we were not disappointed, because as it turned out, there was an abundance of train festivals in the midwest from which to choose.

Now that we are semi-regulars at these sorts of events, we fully understand the appeal of trains to young and old alike. With a second son on the way in just a few months, we look forward to exploring our hobby in even greater depth for years to come.