I am looking at train festivals in the Midwest this coming year. I would like to go to at least one if not more than one this next year. I used to go to them all the time when I was a child and I have a lot of great memories.

When you go to a train festival you get to learn more about model trains and see what other people have. I have a small set and I would love to add to it as well. I find the model trains really interesting.

Another great thing about the train festivals is meeting all the people who are there. They all have stories about how they get started with model trains and they are interesting to listen to. At the last festival, I got into a great conversation with a gentleman from Arizona, who traveled cross-country to be there. He owns a Phoenix carpet cleaning company, so I thought I would return the favor with a kind link to his website if anyone out there needs good service because he was a great guy. We later went for coffee and had a fun time actually. You might also meet people who live near you and can make plans to get together later.

My Dad used to take me to the train festivals but he is no longer around to do so. I plan to go and remember him when I am there. I know if he was able to he would go with me to the festivals that I plan to visit in the next year.