I recently caught my husband and son looking up train festivals in the Midwest. They were hunched over my husband’s work laptop at the dining room table after they thought I had gone to bed. I was a little mad at first, since our son was way past his bedtime, but then I realized what they were doing.

I have been begging my husband for an extended trip through the Midwest for some time. I have a lot of family in Chicago and Nebraska. He has just been hesitant because my family does not really like him and he knows he would spend a lot of time just sitting around listening to people talk and make chit chat. It’s what my family does.

Having our son threw our plans off for a while, but he is old enough to travel now, and he has a serious passion for trains. So I think that is why they were looking up Midwest train festivals, so they can possibly have some ‘guy time’ while I visit all my relatives across several states in that part of the country. I do not mind one bit.