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Train festivals in the midwest

The Carpet Cleaner I Met At The Train Festival

I am looking at train festivals in the Midwest this coming year. I would like to go to at least one if not more than one this next year. I used to go to them all the time when I was a child and I have a lot of great memories.

When you go to a train festival you get to learn more about model trains and see what other people have. I have a small set and I would love to add to it as well. I find the model trains really interesting.

Another great thing about the train festivals is meeting all the people who are there. They all have stories about how they get started with model trains and they are interesting to listen to. At the last festival, I got into a great conversation with a gentleman from Arizona, who traveled cross-country to be there. He owns a Phoenix carpet cleaning company, so I thought I would return the favor with a kind link to his website if anyone out there needs good service because he was a great guy. We later went for coffee and had a fun time actually. You might also meet people who live near you and can make plans to get together later.

My Dad used to take me to the train festivals but he is no longer around to do so. I plan to go and remember him when I am there. I know if he was able to he would go with me to the festivals that I plan to visit in the next year.

How I Plan To Check Out Train Festivals In The Midwest

The train festivals in the Midwest that I really enjoy are always fun to check out in person. This part of the country has a rich history, and I like to know what was involved with it all. With the internet it is now easier than ever than ever to check out different events that go on so that I don’t have to wonder what I’m missing. There are a lot of train websites that have communities and they are great for me when I want to learn what’s going on.

When I look at the train festivals in the Midwest I see a lot of work being done to make sure they are able to be fun for everyone. I’m an adult and I have a kid, so I want to always check out those events that are for younger people. Some of them are a little too difficult for a child to enjoy. There’s always a need for the bathroom at an incovenient time. If I’m going somewhere then I usually get a motel room and I can book that online along with any vehicles I want to rent. For me it’s easier to enjoy myself if I have everything planned well ahead of time.

My Husband And Son Were Looking Up Train Festivals In The Midwest

I recently caught my husband and son looking up train festivals in the Midwest. They were hunched over my husband’s work laptop at the dining room table after they thought I had gone to bed. I was a little mad at first, since our son was way past his bedtime, but then I realized what they were doing.

I have been begging my husband for an extended trip through the Midwest for some time. I have a lot of family in Chicago and Nebraska. He has just been hesitant because my family does not really like him and he knows he would spend a lot of time just sitting around listening to people talk and make chit chat. It’s what my family does.

Having our son threw our plans off for a while, but he is old enough to travel now, and he has a serious passion for trains. So I think that is why they were looking up Midwest train festivals, so they can possibly have some ‘guy time’ while I visit all my relatives across several states in that part of the country. I do not mind one bit.

Train Festivals For The Entire Family

Before I became a parent, I had no real knowledge whatsoever of the world inhabited by train enthusiasts. While I suppose I was vaguely aware of model railroad builders in my town and the holiday exhibitions they typically held, my exposure to this rather charming realm was quite limited indeed.

All of this changed, however, once my little boy grew into the toddler stage and took on an all-encompassing obsession with trains, railways and everything remotely related to them. In no time at all, I was doing my own research on the subject so that I could help him acquire even greater knowledge and familiarity with his most favorite pastime.

Soon, my husband and I started looking for train shows, model railroad exhibits and other attractions which might foster our little one’s fascination even further. Fortunately, we were not disappointed, because as it turned out, there was an abundance of train festivals in the midwest from which to choose.

Now that we are semi-regulars at these sorts of events, we fully understand the appeal of trains to young and old alike. With a second son on the way in just a few months, we look forward to exploring our hobby in even greater depth for years to come.

Hello and welcome! (toot toot!)

Hey there! I’m Larry and a dedicated father of two sons. We live in rural Illinois with my lovely wife and two dogs. I used to be a train aficionado as a kid and want to get my young sons into something more than Thomas the Train!

Are you someone who really loves trains? Maybe it is the rich history of the railroad that has drawn you in, or you are looking to learn as much as possible about the different ways in which the train industry has changed over the last few decades. No matter what the reason may be for your love of trains, you are going to find that planning out a trip to see some of the best train festivals that are located in the midwest will be the perfect day to have the experience of a lifetime.

Do you happen to have a child who loves trains and everything to do with them? If so, you are truly not alone and there are a lot of parents who are looking on booking a trip to see some of the top train festivals in the midwest. This is not only a wonderful way for the children to be able to see trains and learn more about the history that is involved, but this can also be a nice bonding experience

If I could gather as much information as possible on setting aside time to visit some of the different train festivals in the midwest, my family will love me for it.

The Best Train Festivals In The Midwest

There are so many train festivals in the Midwest, and you are going to have the option to visit all of them over time. It is great to check them out because there is so much to do and you are going to have a very good time. Here are the reasons why people like going to these train festivals and think they are a lot of fun.

Lots Of People

You are going to get the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life, and that is always important. Don’t you want to get to meet those who are from around the area or might have similar interests to you? Well, these train festivals are the best place to start as you are going to have a very good time.

It is essential to look into this as a major positive.

Great Trains

It’s not just about what you are doing at the festival, but what is going to be there too. You are going to get to see some of the finest trains in the world and they are going to be easy to go through one by one. Who doesn’t want to experience this for the first time?